Choosing the Right Skirt

Choosing the Right Skirt

Skirts are pretty, but not every type of silhouette suits everyone. You then need to find skirts that will suit your body shape and height. There are skirts out there that are suitable for everyone no matter your size, shape or height.


It can be tricky to choose the right skirt as there are so many styles to choose from, but being able to choose the right shape of skirt can do wonders for your body, especially your legs, bum, hips and waist.

Choosing the Right Skirt Tips

Big Hips and Thighs

If you have big hips and thighs then you need to avoid the mini skirt. The length of skirt should not be above the knee by more than an inch or two.

A minimal A line cut is ideal as it is able to give balance to full hips. Skirts that are loose with soft drapes will work perfectly.

You should also avoid skirts that are too tight and made from a Lycra fabric, bubble that will make you look heavier at the bottom, bias cuts, flare, overall pleating and skirts that have too much detail at the hem.

If you are unable to avoid detailing then choose dark colours with a vertical alignment.

Thick Waist

You will want to shift the attention away from a thick waist and down to your legs. You are able to do this by wearing short, long or full skirts. If you are thinking about adding a belt to your skirt then choose a skinny piece, as a thick belt will emphasise the thickness of your waist.

Avoid skirts that have details around the middle portion.

No Curves

Women that have an athletic body type are to wear any type of skirt. If you have a boy shape then skirts will be able to give you that feminine look. If you wish to create the illusion of a curve then go for a pleated skirt and ones that have pockets. You can opt for a belt of a skirt that has a thick waistband to define your waist. Body hugging styles will also help to create curves.


You should look at highlighting your curves as well as toning them down. When it comes to skirts go for A line cuts, drop waists, flat fronts and side or back zippers on the skirt. You will need to avoid skirts that are too tight.

The fabric should be soft and fluid that will drape over the curve. Fabrics such as patch pockets, pleats and big prints should be avoided.


An A line or tapered slim skirts are best for petite girls. You will need to avoid skirts that are too long or too short as these will make you appear shorter so rather go for knee length. The fabric should be soft and fluid and the detailing should be vertical so that it makes your legs look longer.


london fashion week

London Fashion Week – Notable Trends

London Fashion Week – Notable Trends

There were some notable trends at London Fashion Week and here are some that we can expect to make their way to retailers and trends that we will see on the streets.

Fake Fur

london fashion week

Fake fur appears to be a set major designer and high street trend this season and despite the heat at London Fashion Week many show goers sported their fake fur.

The fake furs that made their appearance were less sophisticated and had more of a cookie monster feel with crazy colours and box shapes.

The trend of the faux fur Shrimps label was confirmed by the presence of Alexa Chung who was wearing white dungarees that was accessorised with a furry clutch.

Flat Shoes

london fashion week

There was no need to measure the heels that the models would be strutting down the catwalk in at this London Fashion Week as flat shoes were all the rage. J. JS Lee showed flat and pointed white loafers, whilst Eudon Choi showed flat Moroccan slippers that had subtle stripes.

The major trend is then sandals, loafers, espadrilles and trainers.

Ruffles and Pleats

london fashion week

Whilst ruffles are usually associated with the girly look, this time at London Fashion Week it was all about the minimal. Bora Aksu’s collection showed fluid and translucent frills which was based on Queen Victoria’s collection of paper dolls.

Eudon Choi has ruffles to striped and oversized shirting and tailoring which combined linen and Liberty print.

J.JS Lee went for a post Celine pleat. The pleats were featured on a mesh dress which gave the look a retro and tennis courts feel.

Daks showed lilac trains and pleated lilac tops that were paired with tailored Bermuda shorts.

The Bucket Bag

london fashion week

Anyone who is anyone was showcasing a bucket shaped bag that had a drawstring fastening. Sarah Harris for instance who is the Vogue editor had a Louis Vuitton one and the New York fashion industries obsession with Mansur Gavriels simple and clean luxe bucket bags has made its arrival.

There were many stylists and editors that were toting the label on the first day of London Fashion Week.


Picking a Hair Colour

Picking a Hair Colour

hair colour
(Leigh Lezark) Image Source:

Whilst you may change your hairstyle, this is only one part of changing your hair for the upcoming season. Haircuts have the power to change how you feel about yourself and also the way you dress, but what about hair colour? You can change your hair colour top suit the season and it can have a dramatic impact on how you feel.

So what are the top hair colours for the season and how do go about picking a hair colour for 2014.

Hair Colour Rule for 2014

The one rule when it comes to picking a hair colour for 2014 is to literally just change it. The one way that you are able to walk out of a hair salon with that new and fresh feeling that only a new season can bring, is to transform into a new hair colour territory. Your hair colour should be a fashion statement and should reflect you as much as anything.

You need to pick a colour that will give you the confidence that you after and one that will suit you.

Picking a Colour

When it comes to picking a colour it is all about making that leap, whether you choose to go from a solid colour to a balayage or from light to dark or the other way. You need to pick a colour where you will feel the change.

If you are looking for inspiration, then you will not need to look to far as models have changed their hair colour and have also launched their carriers by doing so.

The Inspiration

1. Ruby Jean Wilson

Ruby Jean Wilson made one of the most dramatic changes as she went from her natural brunette to that of white platinum blonde. However it can be quite hard to maintain the ultra-blonde hair colour, but it is the one colour where you are to make a statement with.

2. Sasha Luss

Sasha Luss also went for the ultra-blonde hair colour and suits her because of the confidence that she showed by doing so.

3. Edie Campbell

Another dramatic hair colour change can be seen with Edie Campbell as she went from a dark blonde to raven black and just like going ultra-blonde, choosing a dark color can be just as impactful.

4. Leigh Lezark

Leigh Lezark is the best example when it comes to changing hair colour for the season and using it as a fashion accessory. She has gone from black to blonde and back to black again.

If you are looking to change your hair colour as we change seasons in 2014, you should look at making a real change and one that everyone will notice. Changing your hair colour can make you feel new and fresh.


Spring Hairstyles

Spring Hairstyles

spring hairstyles

As the weather starts to get warmer, for many of us this is the time we start looking for spring hairstyles that are fresh but without the need of spending hours in front of a mirror.

Spring Hairstyles

Milkmaid Braid

The milkmaid braid is this springs hairstyles that looks complex, but it will sure to pack an impact. This crown braid will help to make an outfit standout. There were many interpretations of this braid on the runways from the messier look to the more neat and regal.

Side Part

A part can make all the difference whether you choose to make a parting on the side or on the side. You can also choose to part shallow or deep, clean or rough. The part has the ability to change a whole look and this year it was the deep side parts that ruled on the runways.

Low Ponytail

The ponytail has never been out of fashion, but as there are many interpretations of this look, they are not all in fashion. This year the ponytail is low. You are able to wear the low ponytail hassle free or to make it neat and sleek for evenings.


The soft wave is not new, but on the 2014 runways this spring hairstyle was able to look new and fresh when the hairstyle is worn with confidence and attitude. These are effortless waves and not that perfect red carpet wave. The soft waves need texture and tousle and can be worn with either a side or centre part no matter if you have long or shorter hair.

The soft waves are a wonderful every day look that is a great option for your spring hairstyle.

The spring hairstyles for 2014 are all about the effortlessness and fall between messy and neat.

Men’s Accessories

Men’s Accessories

We are looking to see what is next in the fashion world, but more importantly we are looking for what is hot right now. The catwalks in 2014 showed a new look for the spring and the summer especially when it came to the men’s accessories.

There were some prominent men’s accessories this year and here is a list of some of the most notable men’s accessories.

Men’s Accessories

men's accessories

1. Fold Up Bag at Jil Sander

The first men’s accessory that we look at is the fold up bag. The fold up bag has gathered its inspiration from the fold up clutches that are seen in the women’s wear. This bag has also now been folded, in pops of colour. These will surely make a statement when you are out and about.

2. Oversized Leather Backpack at Gucci

The oversized backpack is a luxurious men’s accessory that is super functional and gives active wear a more sophisticated look. The backpack buckles across the chest so that you feel the freedom that the spring season will bring.

3. Upper Class Oxford Shoes at Dior Homme

At the Dior Homme runway the slick pair of black Oxford shoes came out. These Oxford shoes have a metal suspension and that little extra on the sides. These shoes fall between the classy and sporty lines, meaning that you can wear them how you want.

4. Damier Patterned Duffle Bag at Louis Vuitton

When we think of high end travel items, we will usually think of Louis Vuitton and they have not disappointed this season with their checkered Damier pattern. The pattern is drilled and water cut into a camel coloured leather. This makes it the ideal piece for every man who just needs to take a break.

5. Knit Scarf at Ermanno Scervino

The many shades of blue are still strong in 2014 and Ermanno Scervino has encompassed this with a range of men’s fashion and apparel accessories. One such men’s accessory is the knit scarf which has an classy, but urban feel to it.

6. Gladiator Sandal at Dolce and Gabbana

The Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana collection had a Sicilian mythology inspired look. The shoes to match this were of course the gladiator sandals. The gladiator sandal as a men’s accessory will surely make a statement this season.

Other men’s accessories for 2014 include the Boater Hats at Frankie Morello, Wave motif elasticized bag at Kenzo, Graphically Painted Sneakers at Fendiand Ethnic Necklace at Missoni

fashion accessories mg

Spring Fashion Accessories 2014

Spring Fashion Accessories 2014

Spring is on its way and whilst it still might be too cold to rock out your full spring look, you can freshen up your look with some of this season cutest fashion accessories. These fashion accessories will have you hopping into spring in style.

Spring Fashion Accessories

Cat Eye Sunglasses

fashion accessories

Sunglasses are always a must no matter the season and whilst the sunglass fashion may change, this season it is all about the cat eye sunglasses. This retro silhouette suits any face shape and you can opt for this fashion accessory in the classic tortoiseshell or go a little bolder with some embellished cat eye sunglasses.

Turquoise Jewellery

fashion accessories

If you are looking for a way to jazz up what otherwise would be a pretty plain outfit then turquoise jewellery is the best fashion accessory to do this with. You can add a pop of colour to those black, white or neutral outfits with a piece of turquoise jewellery or a couple of pieces.

A Ring for Every Finger

fashion accessories


This spring it is all about glamming up your fingers and every finger with statement rings. The great thing about this fashion accessory purchased using apparel fashion software is that you will not need to worry if you rings clash or mixing metals as a mix of styles is just more awesome as long as the rest of your outfit is simple.

Mirrored Sunglasses

fashion Accessories

Cat eye sunglasses are not the only sunglasses making a fashion accessory statement this season as mirrored sunglasses are also in. These flashy frames add some glitz and glam in the right amount to wardrobe staples and laid back clothing like vintage tees and distressed denims.

Bright and Coloured Pouches

fashion accessories woman

The pouch is a slouchier and roomier take on the clutch and is one of the best fashion accessories to come out. The pouch has the ability to make ripped jeans look classier and dresses to become more laid back also you are able to fit more than your phone and lip gloss into a pouch. You can add a pop of colour to your outfit by getting a coloured pouch.

Holographic Accessories

fashion accessories divinecaroline

The holographic accessories pair wonderfully with any colour and they also look and feel more edgy then the normal metallic accessories. You can opt for a holographic clutch to add a dazzle to your outfit, buy a pair using fashion software.

Tall Gladiator Sandals

fashion accessories

If you are looking for a way out of just wearing the usual flip-flop then you should try the tall gladiator sandals. These high gladiator sandals are great when paired with a tank and denim cut offs or even a white sundress. They give your outfit a cool boho edge.

These fashion accessories for spring will add that extra edge and feel to any of your outfits.

men's fashion trends

Men’s Fashion Trends

Men’s Fashion Trends

When it comes to men’s fashion we generally think of suits, however there is so much more to men’s fashion then just that. There are some great men’s fashion trends that have hit the runway this spring.

Here are some of the best men’s fashion trends that you can expect this spring and summer.

Men’s Fashion Trends

men's fashion trends

A Whole Lot of Red

The men’s runways were fall of red and in every shade of red. The range of reds that were on display ranged from the bright primary red to the metallic cherry like at the Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino. This fiery shade has also secured a spot as one of the season’s top trends.


Whilst mesh is a popular fabric in sportswear, it took over the runways in a variety of ways. At some of the shows the sheer fabric was used as an accent whereas at other shows, mesh was the star in the form of shirts. Mesh is not for everyone or not everyone knows how to wear it. If you are unsure about this men’s fashion trend, then rather ease into it before going for a full on see through shirt.

Double Breasted Blazers

The 80s is back and it can also be seen in men’s wear as the double breasted blazer makes a triumphant come back. It could be seen on the runways of Malan Breton, Billy Reid and Ovaida and Sons.

Printed Blazers

If you are a little more adventurous with your style then the printed blazer is a fantastic men’s fashion trend and also a great way to show off your personality. You are able to find the printed blazer in plaid and floral as well as everything else in between. These are a fun addition to the classic blazer and should feature in every guy’s wardrobe.

Colour Blocked Tops

One trend that will be staying and can be seen mostly in men’s fashion trends is colour blocking. This trend is ideal for those that do not like busy patterns but still love to add that pop of colour.

All the Blues

Blue had a major moment on the runways this spring/summer. The blue range just like the red range could be seen in every shade from bright cobalt to royal blue.

Everything White

It is not the easiest thing to pull off a white suit but this season designers are encouraging this men’s fashion trend. The key to wearing an all-white suit is to play with textures.


The floral print is not one that has to be kept to just the ladies anymore as the floral print can be seen on shirts, suits and shorts this season. This is a fun men’s fashion trend and you can be bold and go for a head to toe floral look or play it down by matching a floral shirt with a neutral pant.



fashion tips 2014

Fashion Tips for 2014

Fashion Tips for 2014

There are some great trends coming up for 2014. You will notice that some of these of these trends have already been around, whilst others are fresh and new. You will feel more confident in what to wear and what to buy for this year after reading these fashion tips.

fashion tips

Fashion Tips for 2014

1. Men’s Style Lace up Shoes

These shoes are also known as Oxfords and have been around for quite a long time but now in 2014 they come with a slight twist. Instead of the ordinary lace up shoes you will see them with high wedges, platforms or with fluorescent block colour for the sole. Some of the best Oxfords that you can get now are from Oliver and Clark as they have both shoes and books for the tough at heart.

2. Midi Skirts

Just like it was in the 90s it is the same for 2014 with skirts hitting just below the knee. However, the midi skirt designs that you will find now are less pioneer in look. You should dry and find a midi skirt that has volume and flare. When it comes to the material the best fashion tip is to go for lace, sheer, leather or brocade.

3. Cropped Jackets

The cropped jacket should feature in all wardrobes as it looks great with jeans or wide trousers. If you are looking to fit for this fashion get your hands on a cropped blazer, tweed jackets or even goes with a makeshift DIY version.

4. Crop Tops

For some of us showing our midriff is long gone or we just don’t think it is elegant. However fashion is versatile and so is the crop top.  With this fashion tip you can choose to wear your crop top with an ultra-high waisted jean or with a pencil skirt. This will then break up the lines whilst maintaining movement.

5. Pastels

Pastel colours are huge rage this year even when its winter. You should take this opportunity to take advantage of those beautiful lilacs, rose and peaches.

6. Statement Pieces

There have been various styles that have come this year including that of monogrammed sweatshirts and dresses and skirts that feature novel writing. The statement pieces are in full swing and it is also fun to wear something that expresses your attitude, likes or hobbies or something that reflects you. You will be able to find these statement pieces but you can also add this to something that you own with the 8use of fabric paints and your own creativity.

These are the main fashion tips for 2014 and you should indulge in one of them before they leave us and express your own uniqueness and personality.

Chanel Spring 2014 Night at the Museum

Chanel Spring 2014: Night at the Museum

Where fashion meets art: Chanel Spring 2014: Night at the Museum

From art to fashion and online shopping – the debate of art versus fashion might be an ongoing one, but there can be no denying the effect that an artist has on the runway. Whether directly inspired by a work of art or shared inspiration by designers and artist, this centuries-old love affair took to the stage during the Chanel Spring 2014: Night at the Museum runway show.

When it comes to grandiose events, nothing quite compares to a Chanel show. The runway was a platform for inventive, pioneering and contemporary expression of art and an eye-opening insight into the world where fashion meets art. Models walked the runway in wearable works of art and seen close up were Chanel “real life” pieces of demure embellishments.

“Life is not a red carpet,” explained German designer, Karl Lagerfeld. “This is for daily life. I wanted color, and a fraîcheur. It’s a very happy mood,” he added. Karl certainly put on a show to behold. Serving up a cheeky twist on art commercialisation, the event set in a faux gallery in the Grand Palais with walls filled with Chanel-ified versions of contemporary art unveiled his latest vision for Chanel. “The art is also in the collection,” explained Lagerfeld.

Models showcased the new range alongside real sculptures and paintings and to aptly selected Jay Z tune. “Picasso, Baby”. A true work of art as the runway accurately captured the form, color and texture of the clothing. While the front row shimmered with stars such as Katy Perry and Rita Ora; the runway was overflowing with celebrity models including Cara Delevinge, Alexa Chung and Miranda Kerr. Masterpieces indeed!

From bare-shoulder dresses for the evenings to playful drop-waisted jumper dresses and dressy shorts for the day; Karl brought gallery girls to the streets for his Chanel Spring 2014 collection. Translucent layering, stiff cotton laces, candy colors and dramatic metallics were brought to life in subtle 50s silhouettes and the infamous Chanel tweed skirt suit. A real-life take on art, the latest Chanel Spring 2014 collection offers its insatiable Chanel shoppers, 89 fab looks to choose from to stay fashionable this upcoming Spring of 2014!

Check out the slideshow of runway pictures of the event here: